Frank McCourt’s Historic Pubs of Dublin

historic pubs 2In 2008 Frank McCourt, the author of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel Angela’s Ashes, hosted a one hour special for PBS named The Historic Pubs of Dublin.

The Iowa public television folks have an excellent set of photos on Flickr taken from the video which you can see here.

The DVD can also be purchased here on Amazon Canada.

To the right is the DVD cover art showing Frank McCourt sitting at a small table in Mulligan’s.

The host also mentions the craic that goes on in Irish pubs.

I was not able to find the entire one hour show online.  I only found a couple of short clips but we can see several of the very best pubs in Dublin that we’ve documented here on this website.  The host explains John Mulligan’s preference for standing while drinking.  Also prominently featured in the video is O’Donoghue’s.   Look for The Stag’s Head pub, The Temple Bar pub, and the oldest pub in Ireland, The Brazen Head.


From Sony VideOn:

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