Following today’s 9th and final round on the tour, at the amazing Old Head Golf Links, the Shamrock Cup champion is…. MikeL.  Mike finished 1st Low Net on the final day with a stellar net score of 77 in very difficult high winds and rain all day.  Mike also finished 3rd low net the previous day at Old Head Golf Links.  To win the Shamrock Cup, Mike jumped 5 places from 6th to 1st over the final two playoff rounds at Old Head.

Round 9 & Shamrock Cup Winner – MikeL with a net score of 77

Round 9 & Champion - Love

Here are all of the daily winners of the Low Net score each day which included the wearing of the Shamrock jacket for 24 hours…

Round 8 – Old Head Golf Links – AG & Gord tied with a net score of 75

Round 8 - AG & Helm

Round 7 – Waterville Golf Links – Doug with a tour best net score of 69

Round 7 - Watson

Round 6 – Tralee Golf Club – Kevin with a net score of 71

Round 6 - Tralee

Round 5 – Ballybunion Old Course – MikeC with a net score of 70

Round 5 - Cunningham

Round 4 – Doonbeg – DaveH with a net score of 75

Round 4 - Hatchett

Round 3 – Doonbeg – AG with a net score of 80

Round 3 - Walter

Round 2 – Lahinch – Andrew & Doug tied with a net score of 77

Round 2 - Miller & Watson


Round 1 – MikeM and DaveT tied with a net score of 73

Round 1 - McNeill & Tulle


Round 2: The Waist Management Team Championship

Round 2 at Lahinch Golf Club was chosen to be our Waist Management Team Championship featuring team shorts from Loudmouth Golf.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to choose the weather as it rained all day from the 1st tee to the end.  Only a couple of the most hearty golfers managed to play the entire day without rain pants.

Team Hollywood:  Pete, Jeremy, Jamie, DaveTLoudmouth shorts - hollywood squares - cropped

Team Canada:  DaveH, MikeL, MikeM, AGLoudmouth shorts - canada - cropped

Team Tiger:  Sean, Steve, Kevin, DougLoudmouth shorts - tiger stripe - cropped

Team Shamrock:  MikeC, MikeG, Gord, AndrewLoudmouth shorts - shamrock - cropped

The match was a team net best-ball that produced a tie with Team Canada and Team Tiger coming in with a score of 73, with Team Hollywood following with a 76, and Team Shamrock at 77.  The rules committee decided that due to the weather, the lack of seeing the teams together on the course in their matching shorts, the Waist Management Team Championship will be extended to a second round later in the tour, to be determined.

Round 2 - Lahinch - 1 of 3Round 2 - Lahinch - 2 of 3Round 2 - Lahinch - 3 of 3