A Warm Welcome to Doug and MikeC

…and then there were 15.

The IrelandGolfTour2015 crew would like to extend a warm welcome to Doug Watson and Mike Cunningham to our Ireland golfing expedition.

Doug and MikeC (M4) come highly recommended by MikeL (M3).  This pair of solicitors from Aberdeen Scotland have been described as “…keen but distinctly average golfers” which means they ought to fit in perfectly.

With the recent addition of MikeL as well as Doug and MikeC that means we’ll have two doctors and three lawyers on the tour.  Surely that means we will get through any unexpected incidents while in Ireland.

With the power of Google and YouTube we were able to locate a hidden video of Doug and MikeC on the elevator one morning on the way up to their law office. That should be MikeC on the left (sporting some black hair dye) and Doug on the right (well, without any hair dye)….