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Round 5 – Ballybunion Old Course

The Ballybunion Golf Club was founded in 1893 and the Old Course was expanded to its current 18 holes in 1927.  It is often ranked in the top 10 courses in the world.  The holes 7 to 18 wind their way through the dunes.  Tom Watson first came to Ballybunion in 1981 and has returned many times.  The walls inside the clubhouse are covered with old pictures of past visitors and champions.  More than any other course visited so far the Ballybunion Golf Club has that old style club feel with members and guests playing together at a beautiful course.

Some highlights from today’s round…


Counties of Ireland

A wee bit of Irish geography.  During the trip we will be visiting and playing in four counties: Dublin, Clare, Kerry and Cork.

County Dublin is the home of the city of Dublin of course, and the 1.2 million residents in the county.

County Clare is the home of the villages of Lahinch and Doonbeg where we will start the golf tour.

County Kerry is the home of village of Ballybunion and the cities of Tralee and Killarney.

County Cork is the home of the Old Head

About the villages, towns and cities…

Lahinch in County Clare is a small village with a population of 642.  It is mostly known for the golf course we will play Lahinch Golf Club and more recently for the surfing.  Earlier this winter the promenade, seawall and businesses on the promenade took a beating in a severe winter storm.  Check out the pictures here, here and here.

Doonbeg in County Clare is another small village of just 754 residents.  For a small village it has a good selection of pubs.

Ballybunion in County Kerry is a village in County Kerry with 1365 residents.  Not surprisingly the village is most famous for the Ballybunion Golf Club which was founded in 1893.  What is surprising is the town has a statue of Bill Clinton.  In the statue he is holding his club.

Tralee is the largest town in County Kerry with a population of 23,000.  The Tralee Golf Club is actually 14km away, west on the Atlantic coast, from the centre of Tralee which is located at the head of Tralee Bay.

Killarney in County Kerry will be our home for three nights.  It has a population of 14,000 and sits of the shore of Lough Leane which is part of Killarney National Park.

Old Head Golf Links in County Cork is nearby the village of Kinsale with its 2100 residents.  Kinsale is well known as a tourist town with its brightly coloured shops, excellent restaurants and a Gourmet Festival.

Note that the counties of Clare, Kerry and Cork are 3 of the 6 counties that form the province of Munster.

Counties of Ireland