My 3rd Irish whiskey – Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch

Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch whiskey is fantastic.jameson select reserve 3

The best yet of the Irish whiskeys I’ve added to the collection.  Whatever the Hurling equivalent is of a home run, Jameson Small Batch is it.

2014 World Whiskey Awards – Best Irish Blend gold-2014

The Master of Malt says….  “A super release from Jameson, with a high proportion of Irish pot still whiskey as well as small batch grain. The result is an increased body and level of richness when compared to the core expression. It’s also aged in a lot of first fill bourbon and sherry casks. Well worth a look…”

Nose: Rich and fruity with notes of tropical fruits, coconut, nectarines in yoghurt, guava and a thick core of sweet cereals.

Palate: Thick and full on the palate, with an intense, unctuous creaminess, alongside dates, walnuts and peels. Good peach and coconut notes, and a little cinnamon.

Finish: Long finish, and very fruity with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg and hints of potpourri.

From the Whiskey Reviewer….  “Introduced in 2010, Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch is a blend. About 3/4s is 12 year old, pot still Irish whiskey, and the remainder is 5 year old grain whiskey. The latter whiskey is made for only a few days of the year and not used in any other Jameson label, giving the blend its small batch and select reserve designations. The contributing whiskeys are matured either in toasted sherry casks or charred bourbon barrels.”

Price at NBLCC = $49.99 CDN.


My 2nd Irish whiskey – Bushmills 10yr Single Malt

bushmills-malt-10-yearBushmills 10yr Single Malt is excellent.

The Best Irish Single Malt Whiskey at the 2007 World Whiskies Awards. Bushmills are always scored highly in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, with the 10 year old being awarded 92.5 points in 2013!  (grading on a curve?)

The Master of Malt says….. the Nose is banana skins, the Palate is medium very fruity chocolate pudding, the Finish is floral tannic, and the Overall is just like nectarine chunks in low fat yoghurt!

  • Good grief!  Who writes like that?  Is the Master of Malt drunk when he writes this stuff?  Did he stick various fruits up his nose until he arrived at banana and said Yes, that’s it!

The Whisky Exchange says…  “The benchmark Irish single malt, this has a far greater depth of flavour than standard Irish blends.”  So far, after just two Irish whiskey purchases, I would agree.

When I was looking for a new Irish whiskey at the NBLC store on York St., Fredericton, what caught my eye was the label that said… “Matured in bourbon and oloroso sherry casks for a minimum of 10 years.”  As a fan of single malt Scotch aged in sherry casks, I had to give Bushmills 10yr Single Malt a try.  No regrets.

Price at NBLCC = $39.99 CDN.


My 1st Irish whiskey – Kilbeggan

Purchased my first ever Irish whiskey.  I figured why not try a few before the trip to see if there is a personal preference.

Kilbeggan1“Kilbeggan is a traditional Irish whiskey, double distilled, the old way, to preserver more flavour whilst retaining the classic Irish smoothness.  The Kilbeggan distillery was founded in 1757 and is Ireland’s oldest continually licensed distillery – and to this day still has its own working waterwheel.”

As advertised Kilbeggan is smooth but it does not have a lot of flavour like so many single malt Scotch whiskeys.  Is this what all of the Irish whiskey’s are going to like?  I’ll find out over the coming year.  This review recommends sticking to Jameson for Irish whiskey.

Price at NBLCC = $37.99